An Architectural Focus, Five Photographers

Special thanks to these five photographers for inviting Home Kitchen Culture to provide refreshments for an exhibition of their work at Co-Merge. Please see the show during its 8 week run, and all print sales benefit the San Diego Architectural Foundation!

Cannellini bean spread| Cannellini and roasted garlic spread. Charred tomatoes and tomato confit oil. Assorted bread from Bread & Cie. 

Lamb meatball skewer| Lamb & Merguez meatball w/ date molasses & sesame glaze. Herbed and roasted tomatoes. Caramelized cippilini onions. Mint.

Winter gazpacho| Roasted and fresh tomato Salmorejo (Winter gazpacho) presented in cups. Crumbled chorizo, pastured egg, smoked sesame salt, microbasil.