Staff lunch for Woodbury University School of Architecture

Thanks to my friends at Woodbury University School of Architecture for inviting Home Kitchen Culture to provide lunch for the staff. Always a pleasure. And thanks for granting me freedom to create whatever menu I want, as long as it's good! You've got a deal ;) 


pulled pork sandwiches| braised pork shoulder. honey-miso slaw. house-made sweet pickles. sweet egg bun. 

white bean & wild mushroom sandwiches| cannellini bean and roasted garlic spread. charred hen-of-the wood mushroom. castlevetrano olive spread. lettuce. tomato. malted rye bread. 

assorted fruit| red d’anjou and asian golden pears 

kettle chips|

sweets from Chinitas Panaderia| rocky road cookies. ginger shortbread filled with lemon curd.