Death Valley Picnic...

Thank you Charles and Bergquist Studio for inviting me to provide craft services for a day long shoot in Death Valley. Mum's the word on what the production was, for now. Thank you Christina Ng of Chinitas Panaderia for the impossibly good pastries and cookies, baked to order within 24 hours of me needing them for Bergquists' 4am're so amazing! 

Since the crew was going to be waaaaay out there all day, I filled big chill cases with a pretty great spread: 



roasted eggplant. mozz. fresh oregano. butter leaf lettuce. soft italian roll. (vegetarian)

charcuterie. house smoked butter. butter leaf lettuce. soft italian roll. 

cold salads|

persian spiced quinoa. seared cauliflower & zucchini. sweet onions. dried fruit and Marcona almonds. (vegan)



organic fresh fruit

sea salt potato chips

cookies and breakfast pastries baked to order by Chinitas Panaderia



assorted San Pellegrino citrus sodas

San Pellegrino mineral water

coconut water

bottled water


all packaging and utensils compostable.